Outdoor Ed

Our class will be going on our outdoor ed trip April 16th.  It's a bit earlier this year than it has been in the past due to transportation availability.  Please use the information below to register, if you haven't done do already.  
On the day of the trip, each student needs to bring a backpack with the following:
  • A bag lunch
  • Multiple bottles of water 
  • Two healthy snacks (fruit, granola, veggies, etc...)
  • Sunscreen 
Additionally, students need to wear clothes that are appropriate for the being outside.  Tennis shoes are required.  Please do not allow your student to wear sandals on this trip.  As students will be wearing helmets for a few of the activities, girls often find bringing a hair tie helpful to keep their hair out of the way.  Please no high ponytails as the helmet won't be secure.  Students will NOT be allowed to bring cell phones.  All teachers will have cell phones in case of an emergency.  There are also phones at the facility. Registration is done through My School Bucks.  Thanks again!

In order for your child to participate in this field trip/program you must register (includes online permission form)  & pre-pay on-line by going to: 
MySchoolBucks.com > Login > Add your student if you have not already done so > Go to School Store in upper right corner > Field Trips > GRE - 5th Grade Stone Canyon Outdoor Ed. The MySchoolBucks link can be found on GRE’s website under Parent Info or click hereRegistrations MUST be completed by 2 days prior to your field trip. 
  •  Online registration is for your student only- please do not register yourself or younger siblings.
  • Free/Reduced students will have the option of selecting "no payment" but must still register. 
  • No refunds

Student Blogger - Charli

Blogger: Charli Kalberer

In reading we are working on perspective. We are trying to notice what the
character is  feeling or thinking. We are learning how to pick up clues that tell
students if they are mad, sad, happy, or hyper. Students try to determine their
perspective by looking at words or phrases in the story.

In math we are working on adding and subtracting decimals. We are also
working on multiplying fractions, we are learning how to make the
denominators the same so that it is easier to multiply them.

In writing we are learning how to write an argumentative essay. We are
working on how to know what the reader is going to say next, so that we
can prove them wrong.

Social studies/History

In social studies/history we are working on studying travelers on a time line.
Like Christopher Columbus, we are even reading a book about how he
discovered the Bahamas, but thought he was in the Indies.

Student Blogger - Jaron

 Student Blogger - Jaron          
           Hello Gold Rush Families!

Our class has been doing some really cool stuff, and we want to make sure                  
                                         you know all about it!
Reading: In Reading we have been determining the different text structures in
different texts whether it’s description, compare and contrast, cause and effect,
sequence, or problem and solution.  We read different texts and compare the
different text structures of each different article. We are also working on our
Inquiry Research Projects. Those are the topics we chose to learn about and do
projects on.

Math: In math we are doing multiplication and division with fractions.  We do
either fractions multiplied by whole numbers, fractions multiplied by mixed
numbers, or fractions multiplied by fractions.  We are also working on rounding
decimals and adding and subtracting decimals.

Writing: In writing we have been working on our argumentative topics.  We
have to state our claim clearly and then have reasons to support our claims.  
Then, we need true evidence having to do with that reason to support it. We
are also working on our essays.  We are learning how to make our essays
stronger, to make our claims more believable, and to add quotes.

Social Studies/History: In social studies we are learning about the Natives,
the European Vikings, and their timeline, the Ice Age.  We learned that
Christopher Columbus wasn’t the first one to discover America and that the
first Europeans to discover America were the Vikings.  We also learned about
what the Natives and the Vikings did to get to America.

Meteorologist Visit

Gold Rush welcomed Mike Nelson, Chief Meteorologist for the Denver7 First Alert Weather Team, to our school today.  Our class, along with the other 5th grade classrooms and  the 2nd graders learned more about the different types of severe weather and the use of a variety of weather instruments that can be used to predict the forecast.   This guest speaker was able to make connections between what we have learned in class over the last few weeks to what is going on in the weather here in Colorado.  It is so great for the kids to hear first hand about class topics and makes the learning that much more real and relevant to them and their lives.  Tonight at dinner, be sure to ask about all the great things they learned and maybe even ask them to do the "Tornado Dance."

Click here to see more on Mike Nelson.

Key Concepts Discussed:
Jet Stream
High Pressure
Low Pressure
Formation of Tornados

Watch channel 7 tonight at 6:00 pm for Mike Nelson's Kids Cam!

February Update

In math, we are in the middle of our unit on decimals. Students have been working on ordering
and comparing decimals. This week we will continue our study of decimals by rounding decimals to
the nearest one, tenth, or hundredth. Using number lines and grids as models students are building
their understanding of rounding decimals. This week we will also be finding fraction and decimal
equivalents which will lead us into adding and subtracting decimals. Next we will be adding and
subtracting decimals. I suspect, based on pretests and class observations, that this unit will go by
quickly for most students.

In reading, we are diving into building our reading comprehension using complex nonfiction texts.
Students are developing an array of strategies to help grow their comprehension in reading. These
strategies include summarizing, adding in headings by annotating, rereading, previewing text
structures, and building knowledge of academic vocabulary. You can help your child at home by
asking them to summarize what they have read. Summarizing helps students better understand
what they are reading, notice when meaning breaks down, and remember the important parts of
what they are reading. Students should determine multiple main ideas and supporting details while
considering the author’s main ideas and how ideas connect to one another. Later students will be
delving into an inquiry based study on a weather phenomenon (hurricanes, tornados, etc.). This not
only ties to our science standards, but will also allow students to synthesize information across multiple
text sources, and compare how different authors present information in a variety of ways.

In writing, we are still working on our argument unit. Students are using research groups to develop
new thinking. We are recognizing that a good argument is supported by reasons that are backed by
evidence. Students are analyzing a variety of texts and studying arguments identifying what makes a
strong argument while researching both sides of an issue. This will lead to several Research Based
Argumentative Essays. The volume of writing will increase as well as attention to structure, craft, and

In science, we have been conducting a variety of experiments learning more about what happens
when water evaporates and understanding more about water vapor. We have carried out our
experiments using our knowledge of the scientific method. We will also take the information we've l
earned about water, solar energy, and transfer of energy to make some insights about weather patterns
around the world. Mike Nelson form Channel 7 will also be coming in to give a presentation for the kids!

Valentine's Day/Wish Week/Kindness

Here's a list of the kids in our class should your kiddo need them to address their Valentines.  Boxes should be made at home and brought in on Valentine's Day.  We've decided to have a contest with two categories.  The kids know they do not have to enter the contest; it's a choice.  The categories are: "most creative" and most 'indicative of them" (a box that represents them to a tee).  Here are the names:


Wish Week is just around the corner, and judging by our amazing participation during the canned
food drive I am hoping our class does a great job participating in Wish Week activities as well! Gold
Rush has agreed to participate in Legend High School's Wish Week. This is an amazing time of year
with fun activities and many ways to donate to a great cause. This year Legend will be honoring two
wishes. First Sara Raspanti, a student at Legend, went on her wish trip to Milan, Italy for fashion week
this past September.  Additionally, we will be raising money to grant another wish for this years wish
kid who will be revealed to Gold Rush students on February 7th. Wish week will be February 8th-16th.

Below is a link to purchase a T-Shirt for Wish Week, all proceeds will go to the Make-a-Wish
foundation and will also serve as admission into the following activities.  

Saturday, February 9th - Feeder School Festival - Wear your T-Shirt and get 5 free tickets
for activities and concessions. At Cimarron Middle School from 4:30-6:30
Monday, February 11th - Picture Scavenger Hunt 6 pm @ Legend - Free admission with
Wish Week T-Shirt
Wednesday, February 13th - Dodgeball Tournament 6:30 pm @ Legend - Free Admission

Click Here to Order a T-Shirt - Order by February 7th to get the most out of your purchase.  
Shirts will be delivered to Gold Rush daily, the week of February 4th.

Kindness Week
February 11th - February 14th

This year we have three activities to support Kindness Week:
  • Change Challenge for Legend Wish Week
  • Cram the Cruiser
  • Gold Rush Spirit Days

Kindness Week:
Legend Wish Week Change Challenge and GRE Spirit Days
  • Change goes to Legend Wish Week recipient
February 11th
February 12th
February 13th
February 14th
Team Kindness (Sports Day)
Kindness Comes in all Colors
(Rainbow Day)
Kindness is Our Superpower (Superhero Day)
Kindness is the Gold Rush Way!
(GRE and Legend Day)

During Kindness Week Gold Rush students are encouraged to spread the culture of kindness. This year we will join the Parker Police Department in their Cram the Cruiser Food Drive for the Parker Task Force. Together we can help kids in need while spreading kindness!

  • All donations will be used to fill backpacks for kids in Parker
  • The backpacks are filled with enough food to get kids through the weekends when they do not have access to nutritious meals from school
  • Our school will be collecting donations from February 11th-14th
  • Donations will be placed in grade-level bins in the atrium
Most Wanted Individual-Sized Items
(please check all expiration dates before donating)
Applesauce               Canned Pasta       Fruit Cups Fruit Snacks             Granola Bars Instant Oatmeal Mac n Cheese                Single Cereals Pudding Cups Individual Crackers
*Click here for more information.

Student Blogger - Merek

Hello Gold Rush families...

Our class has been working on some really fun things lately, and
we want you to know everything about it!

READING:  In reading we have been working on nonfiction text.
We have been trying to find words we don't know and then find the
origin of the word by using our schema. We then write it down
in our reading notebooks to keep track.

WRITING:  In writing we have been working on argumentative
essays about your opinion.  One example is should we banned
chocolate milk. Students choose yes or no then find evidence
to support it.

MATH:  In math we been jumping between fractions, decimals,
and percentages. Trying to add subtract and divide. Also we
are doing grid coordinates by doing X axis, and Y axis.

SCIENCE/SOCIAL STUDIES:  In science we've been learning
about the water cycle and experiments with evaporation, then
we learned about condensation as well.

SOCK HOP:  Is a special event that is really fun, it has food
dancing fun games and more!